Keene School District proposed warrant articles 2018/19

Here are83273505-1024x682 my proposed warrant articles for the upcoming 2018 school election.

I need 25 signatures from registered voters for each article to appear at the 2018 Deliberative session in February and then later on the ballot in March where the entire community will vote on them. If you are interested in signing or need more information please contact me at I’ll come to you at your convenience.

  • Shall we rescind the provisions of RSA 40:13 (known as SB 2), as adopted by the Keene School District in 1996, so that the official ballot will no longer be used for voting on all questions, but only for the election of officers and certain other questions for which the official ballot is required by state law? (3/5’s majority required to pass.)


  • Shall the District adopt the provisions of RSA 32:5-b, and implement a tax cap whereby the governing body (or budget committee) shall not submit a recommended budget that increases the amount to be raised by local taxes, based on the prior fiscal year’s actual amount of local taxes raised, by more than 1%. (3/5’s majority required to pass.)


  • Shall the District reduce the total average operating expense per enrolled student by $500 every year until the district’s average operating expense per student matches the NH state average. This reduction will take effect on the 2019/20 school budget. (As of 2015/16, the state average operating expense per student was $14,901. Keene’s average was $15,958.)
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