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Keene Sentinel Candidates Questionnaire

Name: Conan W. Salada Age: 38 How long have you lived in Keene: 5 years Family: Proud father Education: 4 years of college Occupation: Online Reseller Organizations to which you belong/have belonged: Keene Liberty Alliance Public/government service: US Army Why are you running to be a city councilor? … Continue reading

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Spending or Revenue? That is the Question

Does Keene have a spending problem or a revenue problem? Ask your average working man on the street and he’ll likely inform you the problem lies in spending. Ask one of our city officials and they’ll tell you it’s all … Continue reading

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Interview on Sound Off 11/04/17

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Candidate for City Council 2017

This city cannot tax its way to prosperity. The Keene city master plan opens with a discussion on the importance of community sustainability. The original definition provided states that true community sustainability  is “Meeting the needs of the present without … Continue reading

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Portugal Cured Their Heroin Epidemic, Could Their Approach Work for Us?

Dr. Angela Barlow spent 3 weeks in Portugal studying the policies and impact of Portugal’s public health approach to drug use and addiction. In this discussion, she’ll answer questions such as: What is a harm reduction approach? How did decriminalization impact drug use? … Continue reading

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Too. Many. Signs. Stop it already!

Two of these “Pass Carefully” signs were added to Maple Ave recently. These things are huge. Blotting out the horizon. Quite the eyesore.

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City primary a Waste of resources

The Keene Sentinel, Letter to the Editor by Darryl Perry Voters in Catalonia went out en mass on Sunday, Oct. 1, despite Spanish police shutting down polling stations, destroying ballots and attempting to stop voters from accessing the polls. Voter … Continue reading

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