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Taking a Step Back

No new Citizen Cain episodes will be made in the foreseeable future. This was initially Conan’s decision. Instead of creating new Citizen Cain episodes, we’re investing our time and resources into being prepared for the coming hard times; as well … Continue reading

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29 – Not My Job

audio [link] New Economic Development Action Plan moves forward. Keene elites believe it will solve all our problems City leaders sign letter against intolerance and bigotry. Report all displays of intolerance to your local law enforcement officer The letter

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It Won’t Be Cheap

“Give it a few years. You’ll get there.” That was mayor Lane’s response to Mike Giacomo, who had just made the comment that Keene should invest its money in projects “that encourage Keene to get younger” and not on non-profit … Continue reading

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28 – Tip of the Iceberg

Audio [link] Keene set to adopt 6 year, $86 million Capital Improvement Plan. Do the voters have a say in the matter? Senior Center feasibility study – The young and old butt heads over spending

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Tax Base Expansion

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27 – Something to Shoot For

Audio [link] Keene Economic Development Action Plan = Bring on the cronyism SB 193 – School choice – Moving forward HR 7 – Real Reform Amendment – Campaign contribution reform

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26 – No Investment

Audio [link] Voter fraud in NH? We will never know because AG is ending investigation Keene city planners insist on more taxpayer funded economic growth Worker Freedom legislation fails

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