Very important meeting to consider Keene school 2018/19 budget

240_F_95831231_f0OaF71stBNvO62zO8zrM9UMZX2LhNODThe first session (deliberative session) will be taking place at 9AM this Saturday, 2/10/18, at the Keene high school auditorium. 7 school warrant articles as well as 3 petition articles will be discussed, debated, and possibly amended. The school board’s proposed operating budget for 2018/19 is an increase of $410,796 from last year.

Although voting at the polls in March is important, this first meeting is where the ballot you’ll be voting on is initially decided upon. This is where the teachers and school administrators basically stack the ballot in their favor every single year. And is why many have come to consider voting in March to be absolutely pointless. This is your opportunity to make a difference by helping reduce a bloated, unsustainable operating budget that makes up more than 52% of municipal spending. It shouldn’t cost our community over $19,000 per student per year to provide a decent education, but that’s what it has come to. That’s where not attending these meeting has led us to.

Bring a book if you must. Bring your tablet and watch Netflix. Wi-Fi is available. Bring your knitting. But just come. When it comes to controlling governmental spending in this region, this is by far the most important day of the year.

Proposed articles posted below:






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