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26 – No Investment

Audio [link] Voter fraud in NH? We will never know because AG is ending investigation Keene city planners insist on more taxpayer funded economic growth Worker Freedom legislation fails

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Discussion on the 2017 Keene school deliberative session – The John Dibernardo Show

“Because it was discouraging all those years, And I finally stopped going.”

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25 – Better Things to do on Saturday

Audio [link] Review of the school district deliberative session SB2 is broken Bill to protect petitioned warrant articles found inadvisable No permit for concealed carry: Good to go

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24 – Wonderful Contrast

Audio [link] Review of the city council election proceedings City to transition from debt-based to pay-as-you-go road funding system Alleged racism at Keene State City to endorse local choice concerning plastic bag ban HB 481

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23 – One Way Ticket

Audio [link] One-way destination moving truck rentals to Keene on the rise Is Keene on its way to becoming a retirement/medical hub? Edgewood residents up in arms over city’s tree cutting plans Does the NH constitution actually guarantee the right … Continue reading

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22 – Wither and Dry

Audio [link] School talk: warrants, budget, & labor contracts Powerpoint “Do you even have any kids in this school?” Why do progressives hate the voucher system so much Right to work coming to NH

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School budget/Warrant talk 2017

Keene School District Chair, Edward Murdough guests on Dan Mitchell’s Good Morning show to discuss 2017/18 school budget and warrants. 1/18/17

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21 – More Cursive!

Audio [link] Feds say no to painting a thin blue line. Will Keene comply? Video NH bills: Russian vodka ban, Rolling back the smoking ban, School districts to clarify their annual Default Budgets more School stuff Keene considers new art … Continue reading

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20 – Double Tap

Audio [link] School budget going up. Again Pedestrian crosswalks and signage out of control in Keene Boss targeted for firing New Year Baby’s dad Robin Hood wins free speech case, loses in court of public opinion

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19 – Flying Under the Radar

Audio [link] Keene school district to implement new transgender policy as well as a new therapy dog program

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