City councilor demands more transparency

A new experimental charter employee evaluation process has received some criticism from one city councilor who feels the new policy is nowhere near as transparent as the old method of evaluating the performance of Keene’s three charter officers: the city manager, clerk, and attorney. Councilor Clark moved that the recommendation, which was developed by a select few working behind closed doors, be sent back to committee in order “to be discussed in the open.”

“We need to come up with a policy. All of us. None of us left out of this. Because I was left out of this. Many of you were left out of this.”

Most of the councilors present at the Dec 1st city council meeting spoke favorably of the new process stating a need for a more professional and structured approach to replace the older, informal model which typically differed from year to year, but enough admitted that it wouldn’t hurt to delay the Recommendation by a few weeks in order to quell any concerns.

After a tie vote, broken by the mayor, it was moved to send the Informational Recommendation back to the Dec 8th FOP committee for further review and discussion.

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